James "Savage" Hagler Jr.

Super Middle Weight Boxer


The Legacy Continues...

James ‘Savage’ Hagler Jr. was born, the oldest of three children in the peach bred state of Georgia. He was introduced to the world of sports when his parents, Tammy Jackson and James Hagler Sr., enrolled him in football. He faithfully played until the age of 20, including his college years at Dean College and Alabama State. Come age 24, Hagler Jr. was finally able to begin his dream of boxing. He moved to Montgomery, Alabama to commence his first fight. 
After training for 6 months and adopting a vegan diet, Hagler Jr. dropped 65 pounds. He entered the 2016 Alabama Golden Gloves where he was declared the defeated party. From this, he learned that he must train with purpose and patience in order to progress. His skill in football came to an advantage when he volunteered to assist young children. 

He taught the growing youth the fundamentals of football along with the ways it attributes to a disciplined character. Hagler Jr. currently works with older children on a high school motivational tour. His motto to them is to “Puts their Hands Up and the Guns Down” in an effort to show them that there is a way out of the life that surrounds them.

James claims that sacrifice and discipline are the two morals are the key to pursuing one’s goals. He would advise those who wish to follow the same path as he to accept those virtues as key staples. James made it known that the Hagler Legacy was very important to him. The boxer saw the dedication his grandfather displayed in his own career and was thus inspired to uphold the reputation.

The coming year, 2022, James Hagler Jr. will endure a year-long boxing campaign. He will fight in the ring at least once per quarter to display his talents. James Hagler Jr. can be followed on all social media platforms @jameshaglerjr. 

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